Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Hymn

A hymn--suggested tune: DUNDEE

v. 1
In love our Lord came to the world,
to save a fallen race.
He came to bring His poor the news,
of God's amazing grace.

v. 2
So to this earth and lower still,
in mercy Jesus went.
The pains of hell our Lord endured,
to pay our awful debt.

v. 3
Our Lord came not to save the good,
for there are none of them.
For all have sinned against the Lord,
and all men stand condemned.

v. 4
The folks who bring the gospel news,
are sinners just like you.
But they are cleansed by Jesus' blood,
through faith He'll cleanse you too.

v. 5
Repent, believe and come to Christ,
and stay near Jesus' side.
And in His Word and at His feet,
His strength will be supplied.

v. 6
The mission of our Lord goes on,
until He comes again.
And some will go and some support,
and all give all they can.

v. 7
Take up your cross and follow Christ,
and die with Him each day.
For glorious is Christ our Lord,
the truth, the life, the way.

v. 8
How great the glory of our Lord,
who rules in heav'n and earth.
We give our lives an offering,
incomparable His worth.

v. 9
Be with us, Lord, Your presence near,
and hear our prayers and cries.
By faith we walk, but long to see,
Your glory with our eyes.

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