Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Hymn based on the Lord's Prayer

This is a hymn I wrote based on the Lord's Prayer.

Heav'nly Father, We Are Blessed
Suggested tune: MEINEM JESUM LASS' ICH NICHT ( scroll down to Come, Thou precious Ransom come 55).  Based on Matthew 6:9-13.  Words: William Weber, 2017.

v. 1
Heav'nly Father, we are blessed,
blessed in Christ to be Your children.
Nothing good can we confess,
but our Lord has opened heaven.
So we pray as Jesus taught,
as Your children You have wrought.

v. 2
All things find in You their birth,
so we honor You with rev'rence.
You sustain the universe,
Maker, made, how vast the diff'rence!
Great our priv'lege then to call,
You our Father, over all.

v. 3
Father, hallowed be Your name,
for Your name is good and holy.
Give us hearts by love inflamed,
and a heart that loves You wholly.
For we want to see Your name,
on the earth by men acclaimed.

v. 4
Give to us our daily bread,
Jesus is the Food of heaven.
Christ to whom our souls are wed,
clothes us with abundant blessings.
Father, would You meet our needs,
as we serve with words and deeds.

v. 5
O forgive us of our debts;
we forgive all of our debtors.
May Your grace to us beget,
grace and love to one another.
Father, thanks to You we give,
in Your Gift of Christ we live.

v. 6
Father, O how weak we are,
lead us not into temptation.
Keep us, may we not depart,
from our Lord and His salvation.
For the devil would devour,
keep us, Father, by Your power.


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