Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Hymn Based on Matthew 3:1-17

Repent the Kingdom Is at Hand

Suggested tune: WALTHAM (  Meter: LM.  Based on Matthew 3:1-17.  Words: William Weber, 2016.

v. 1
Repent, the kingdom is at hand,
so judge yourself that you may stand.
The King of glory came to earth,
and all surpassing is His worth.

v. 2
Repent, confessing all your sins,
how dark our souls when we see Him.
He is the light, the righteous One,
loved by the Father is the Son.

v. 3
Repent, for Jesus Christ is King,
and He is Lord of everything.
Wake from your sleep and come to Him,
for He can save you from your sin.

v. 4
Repent of pride, which self exalts,
how long will you His reign assault?
Our Lord, You rule at God's right hand,
Yours is the honor to command.

v. 5
Repent, for heaven's opened wide,
the Spirit's given to His bride.
In Christ the Father is well pleased,
His cross the wrath of God appeased.

v. 6
Repent, and live for Christ each day,
abide in Him and do not stray.
For Jesus is the righteous root,
so stay in Him to bear Him fruit.

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