Monday, March 7, 2016

Catechetical Hymns Based on the Gospels: Luke 11:14-28

Wrote this today based on Luke 11:14-28. What a rich passage!
The tune it goes with is from the 17th century and named SEELENBRAUTIGAM:

v. 1
Jesus Christ our King,
to him praises sing.
For the strong man is defeated,
at the cross it was completed.
Marvel and give praise,
wondrous are God's ways.

v. 2
Christ convicts of sin,
and His work begins.
For the Spirit wakes from slumber,

frees from idols that encumber,
that would keep from Christ,
and eternal life.

v. 3
Christ annulled our debts,
the law's dire threats.
For our record stood against us,
the accuser sore oppressed us,
Christ the vict'ry won,
God's beloved Son.

v. 4
Jesus Christ the truth,
He our mind renews.
For the devil's lies polluted,
but Christ's teaching has refuted.
Let us trust our Lord,
and revere His Word.

v. 5
Jesus Christ confess,
in Him you are blessed.
Christ in you the hope of glory,
this is now your gracious story.
For His saving love,
thank your Lord above.
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