Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Hymn Based on Luke's Version of the Lord's Prayer

Based on Luke 11:1-4. Suggested tune:
  Words: William Weber, 2016.

O Christ our Lord, the lasting Bread,
who rose the third day from the dead.
You join the heavens and the earth,
and give to men the Spirit's birth.

O Christ our Lord, You are the key,
that opens up the heavenlies:
to life with God You are the door,
to love we were created for.

So to the Father now we come,
who gave the gift of Christ His Son.
He gave the Gift that is the best,
so we may live in Sabbath rest.

Our Father, hallow Your great name,
make known to all Your holy claim.
For all to You must give account,
and wash in Christ Your holy fount.

Our Father, we forgive within,
all those who have against us sinned.
For Christ forgave men from the cross.
He paid our debts, the awful cost.

Our Father, may we never stray,
from Christ our Lord who is the way.
And to our Lord, our life and light,
by faith and love to Him unite.

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