Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lord, Teach Us to Pray---A Hymn

Christ Has All Authority, We Must Listen When He Speaks
Suggested tune: WEIL ICH JESU SCHAFLEIN BIN (  Meter: 778877.  Based on Luke 11:1-13.  Words: William Weber, 2016.
v. 1
Christ has all authority,
we must listen when He speaks.
Even how we pray He teaches.
To the Father come in weakness.
For in Christ we may approach,
to the throne without reproach.

v. 2
O how gracious Jesus is,
He is ours and we are His.
He who sees Him sees the Father,
in Him we are sons and daughters.
To our Father now we pray,
Christ our portion every day.

v. 3
Father, we Your name revere,
cause the earth Your name to fear.
May Your kingdom come and swiftly.
O how long? O Lord, come quickly.
Till that Day, O Father, give,
all we need in Christ to live.

v. 4
Father, keep us till that Day,
may we never leave the faith.
Lead us not into temptation,
keep us from what brings damnation.
Keep us ever in Your love,
in Your Son in heav'n above.

v. 5
O how good our Father is,
He is ours and we are His.
Blessed we are to be His children,
to our prayers He surely listens.
For our Father loves to give,
all we need in Christ to live.

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