Monday, November 16, 2015

A Song/Prayer for Redirected Love

Jesus, in Your mercy free,
would You cleanse and pardon me?
Selfish is this heart of mine,
fill it with Your love divine.

When against me others sin,
and when vengeance wells within.
Please remind me of Your cross,
that You bore to save the lost.

For in love Your arms spread wide,
all in love to save Your bride.
For our sins You bled and died,
wondrous love: God crucified!

By Your blood that cleanses sin,
and Your Spirit breathed within,
in Your mercy redirect,
may my love on You be set.

Many loves have I pursued,
idols placed ahead of You.
Jesus, hear me as I pray,
from them would I turn away.

Father, You have sent in love,
Your Beloved from above.
Here's my heart, O God triune,
all its notes would You retune.
   ---William Weber, 2015

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