Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Musical Prayer Before Daily Devotions

I penned these lines as a preface for personal Bible reading. Could be sung to the tune for Amazing Grace.

Your Glory, Father, in Your Word
Suggested tune: AMAZING GRACE (http://www.opc.org/hymn.html?hymn_id=37).  Meter: CM.  Based on Luke 1:1-4 and Acts 1:1-2.  Words: William Weber, 2015.

v. 1
Your glory, Father, in Your Word,
please show me as I read.
That glory shines in Christ, my Lord,
in all His words and deeds.

v. 2                  
And may I love You as I ought,
and Jesus Christ Your Son.
I humbly listen to be taught,
for You my heart have won.

v. 3
O Father, certain is Your Word,
Your testimonies true.
And for the gospel I have heard,
I thank and honor You.

v. 4
And though near Christ I long to stay,
I stray, a wand'ring sheep.
So bind by cords of love and faith,
my soul, my Shepherd, keep.

v. 5

The Son who died and rose again,
to Him all praise is due!
O may His gospel fall like rain,
to make parched sinners new.

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