Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Johann Starck on Keeping the Spiritual Sabbath Daily

"The Sabbath of the Jews was a shadow, a type, of the true spiritual Sabbath that Christians keep every day.  It does not consist in ceasing from work and giving one's self over to idleness, but it is rather a person's ceasing from sin.  This means that, as the Jews by God's commandment rested from their manual labor, so a Christian by God's command ceases every day from impiety and malice.  A Christian is careful not to speak evil against God or neighbor, not to do evil either alone or in other's company, not to be misled by others, but to keep the soul unspotted from the world.

"While, on the one hand, Christians avoid these things, Christians are also zealous, on the other hand, to remember God frequently as they go about their vocations.  They earnestly beg God to grant them His Holy Spirit to govern and comfort them.  That is the spiritual and daily Sabbath the children of God keep all the time.

"Those who are eager to keep this daily Sabbath can rest assured that they will keep the eternal Sabbath in the life everlasting, which consist in this: that the believers and the chosen children of God are delivered from all bodily labor, from all crosses, tribulations, and from all sins; that they behold God face-to-face, are occupied with Him and praise and worship Him without end.  Oh, what a holy and glorious Sabbath!  This Sabbath will never be disturbed.  However, it will only be obtained by those who continue in faith and in the love of Jesus unto death."

--Johann Starck (1680-1756)

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