Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seeing Christ in the Psalms: Psalm 114

Psalm 114 English Standard Version (ESV)

 When Israel went out from Egypt,
    the house of Jacob from a people of strange language,
Judah became his sanctuary,
    Israel his dominion.
The sea looked and fled;
    Jordan turned back.
The mountains skipped like rams,
    the hills like lambs.
What ails you, O sea, that you flee?
    O Jordan, that you turn back?
O mountains, that you skip like rams?
    O hills, like lambs?
Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord,
    at the presence of the God of Jacob,who turns the rock into a pool of water,
    the flint into a spring of water.

Psalm 114 speaks of the exodus, which was a type of the greater exodus Jesus accomplished through his death and resurrection.

The great blessing of the first exodus was that "Judah became his sanctuary."  The Lord was present with Judah during the first exodus.  But in a greater way after the true exodus, Jesus is with his people, who are his sanctuary and temple.  Jesus is present with his people, and we with him, by the Spirit he sends to indwell us.  Inwardly, Christians have returned to the garden temple of Eden, and can enjoy the life that comes from fellowship with the Father and the Son.

Verses 3-6 speak of the reaction of the inanimate creation to the Lord's presence in the first exodus.  The waters of the Red Sea and Jordan parted and Mt. Sinai shook.  But if inanimate things had such a reaction to the Lord's presence, how much more should animate creatures made in his image fear and love the Lord for his blessed presence with us.  His presence is the water of life for our souls, for the true Rock was struck at the cross, so that we might drink continually from the fountain of eternal life.

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