Thursday, April 9, 2015

How the Imagery of Scripture Enhances our Desire for the Triune God

One of the things I am learning from Scripture is the value of imagery, and how imagery makes the world and the Christian message so attractive to the soul.

For example, when we see trees, we are able to see beauty and this beauty reflects the beauty of their Maker. But when we look at the symbolic significance of trees in the Bible, what we see in trees as they reflect the Lord and his character is enhanced.

To illustrate, the tree of life was planted in the middle of Eden. Its fruit gave eternal life. Why did it give eternal life? Later Scripture answers. Proverbs three likens wisdom to a tree of life. The lampstand in the temple was modeled after a tree with seven branches. In the last book and last chapter of the Bible, Revelation, trees line the bank of the river of life and their leaves are for the healing of the people.

When we put this together, it is difficult to look at trees the same way. Trees in their verdancy and fruitfulness are a picture of God's wisdom that brings life and light and healing to the soul. The beauty of trees we see everyday is an incentive to seek the Father's wisdom in his Son, for the life and healing of our souls!

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