Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Spiritual Gem of a Book

Sometimes you come across a book that is a spiritual gem. Here is an excerpt from a book I can hardly recommend enough:
"The discipline of inattention---that is, apathy to matters of unimportance or detachment from matters that seem entirely essential---requires that we learn to ignore what is not important and that we know when to apply the discipline of inattention. Attentiveness, on the other hand, requires that we pay attention to what is important and that we know when to apply this discipline. In the parable [Luke 12:35-38], the slaves have to fight off fatigue to fulfill their task, and, therefore, they separate what needs their attention from what needs to be ignored, the essential (staying alert for the master) from the unessential (sleep). This discipline requires the reordering of our lives according to God's will, ignoring our desires, abandoning what is unnecessary (even though it may seem necessary), and concentrating on what is important. Particularly in Western societies, the trivial seems important, and sheer busyness passes for sincere dedication. Yet nothing is more important in the spiritual life than learning what to pay attention and when not to pay attention, what to pay attention to and what to ignore." --James Resseguie, "Spiritual Landscape: Images of the Spiritual Life in the Gospel of Luke:

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