Monday, January 12, 2015

An Eschatological/Communion Hymn

I wanted to write one more hymn based on Luke 8:40-56 that caught the eschatological dimension to the text.  This is what I came up with and here is a tune to go with it if you want to sing it (ST. ETHELWALD):

Our Lord will soon return
to wake us from our sleep.
And when His wedding feast arrives,
His supper will we keep.

What joy we then will have,
when we receive that meal.
Our Lord and Savior will return,
and we'll be wholly healed.

For death will be removed,
and scornful men depart.
And Jesus will be all in all,
our portion and our part.

Until then trust the Lord,
and look to Jesus' pow'r.
He gives you life through Word and meal
to keep you 'til that hour.

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