Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Hymn for the Opening of Worship

These lyrics are sort of my alternative to "Shine, Jesus, Shine," a truly awful "worship" song that has happily receded in use. It is based on Luke 8:16-18, in which Jesus teaches what we should do when we gather in church, which originally met in houses.  Thus the house setting of the parable in verse 16 points to a church setting. Here are the words and tune if you want to try singing it:

Shine, O Jesus, In Our Midst

Suggested tune: SONG 13 ( Based on Luke8:16-18. Meter: 7777. Words: William Weber, 2014. (after sermon, beginning of worship, song of illumination, church and its mission)

v. 1
Shine, O Jesus, in our midst,
send Your Spirit to assist.
We would seek to lift You high,
and Your name to glorify.

v. 2
As we gather 'round Your Word,
may we see Your glory, Lord.
Make Your kingdom myst'ries known,
to Your children, to Your own.

v. 3
Gather those who do not know,
grace and truth and glory show.
May they come into the light,
leave the darkness of the night.

v. 4
Lord, if we profess Your name,
children of the Light our claim,
may our Father we obey,
hear and do His Word each day.

v. 5
On the final judgment day,
Christ the hearts of men will weigh.
So be careful how you hear,
ready when your Lord appears.

v. 6
In our hearts and all we do,
Jesus, we would honor You.
Light and life on us bestow,
may it increase, may it grow.

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