Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Music Is Destroying the Church" --Daniel I. Block

Best sentence I've read this week:

"Although the songs we sing should bind us together, in our day music is destroying the church."  --Daniel Block, Guenther H. Knoedler professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College

Block is one of the few people that understand what is happening with worship today, and how resemblance to the biblical pattern of worship has been eviscerated.  Sadly, we are following our own understanding in worship, not the Scriptures.  Singing in the church has been turned into a sacrament, a liturgical function the Word of God does not give it.  No longer do we have a service of the Word and a service of the table.  Contemporary Evangelicalism has replaced Word and table with a service of singing and a service of preaching.  The service of the Word has been corrupted, and the service of the table removed except for its infrequent observance.  It is a sad state of affairs that is corrupting Christians and hurting our society as we cease to be salt and light.

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