Friday, August 15, 2014

Christianity-Lite in Doctrine and Worship

What we have in our time is Christian-lite. Christianity-lite avoids or soft pedals three doctrines. First, it avoids teaching about the world. In fact, most Christians today could not even define the world, as the apostle John describes it, but also Paul and Peter. Second, Christianity in our era avoids teaching the truth that following Christ makes one unpopular, leading to insults, hatred, and worse. Third, Christianity-lite soft pedals sin. Even if sin is mentioned, it is rarely preached or taught in such a way that drives us to Christ for refuge.

Christianity-lite then affects Christian worship by fostering worship-lite. We gather together but cannot be bored by Old and New Testament Scripture readings or congregational prayers that have characterized the historic Christian liturgy. All Christianity-lite tolerates is lots of singing, something Jesus and his disciples are recorded to have done only once. Even then our songs can only be happy, and must be sparse with regard to biblical truth.

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