Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Sacrament of Our Bodies

Isn't it amazing that in making us male and female in his image, God inscribed on our bodies the deepest purpose of our being. Man was created, not to be alone, but to live in fellowship with God, and that fellowship is inscribed on our bodies, as male and female. For when the man and woman come together, their very bodies picture the union, first, of the trinity in its self-giving love, and second, of man's union with Jesus Christ, the God-man. Furthermore, the reason the first couple was "naked and not ashamed" in Genesis 2, is that the first couple viewed one another, not in lust which brings shame, but saw the theological meaning of their bodies, which is to give oneself in love, rather than grasping in lust the other person as an object. The world is corrupt through lust of self-grasping (see 2 Peter 1:3-4), but transformation comes through the self-giving of love, first, of the Son of God who gave himself for us in love on the cross, and then in the self-giving of our bodies in love to him in worship (see Romans 12:1). Our sexuality as male and female made in God's image, points to the truth that the body is a sacrament, making that which is invisible, visible to the world, for those with eyes to see.

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