Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is Implied in Being Caught in the Gospel Net?

I thought this was an amazing paragraph from David Garland's commentary on Mark's Gospel. Speaking of the call of the disciples to become fishers of men, Garland writes:

"Jesus does not call them to be shepherds, gathering in the lost sheep of the house of Israel, or to be laborers, bringing in the sheaves, but to be fishers. Old Testament prophets used this metaphor for gathering people for judgment (Jer. 16:14-16; Ezek. 29:4; 47:10; Amos 4:2; Hab. 1:14-17), and one should not assume that Jesus uses fishing as a benign reference to mission. When the fisherman hooks a fish, it has fatal consequences for the fish; life cannot go on as before. This image fits the transforming power of God's rule that brings judgment and death to the old, yet promises a new creation (see Rom. 6:1-11). The disciples are called to be agents who will bring a compelling message to others that will change their lives beyond recognition."

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