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Hymn Lyrics for Mark 2:13-17

This hymn is built around the words of Jesus in Mark 2:17: "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick." While Jesus is the Physician of our souls, he is also the medicine! He is the antidote to every need of body and soul. He alone is the answer to sin, which is comparable to a disease infecting every part of our being.

Verses 2-4 deal with specific effects or symptoms of the disease of sin: blindness of soul, deafness to the Word of God, and inability to do God's will. Then the metaphor of sickness is replaced by the metaphor of poverty and nakedness, and here again, Jesus meets our need. Every spiritual blessing is found in him, and verses 1-4 confess our need and petition Christ who alone can help us.

The last verse points to the heavenly fellowship that cures us. Eating and drinking is a picture of fellowship. Just as Levi was called and then participated in a supper with Jesus in Jesus' own home (v. 15), so are all Christians called to Jesus to enjoy fellowship with the Lord and Savior in his heavenly home! In this fellowship and life in Christ we find strength as we take hold of him through faith. By faith we participate and share in Christ and our souls begin their healing in him.

Verse 2 might confuse a bit with the word Fear. The Old Testament sometimes uses the word fear as a name for God, and this is how it is being used in verse 2. To read the passage and sing the hymn, simply click on the links. Sing it to Him as your confession and prayer.

Physician of Our Souls

To the tune: YIGDAL. Based on Mark 2:13-17. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Physician of our souls,
we need Your gracious cure.
Our inner being sick with sin,
O please restore.
O med’cine of our hearts,
please heal us with Yourself.
Your Spirit join to You above,
O be our health.

v. 2
Our eyes are blind through sin,
our spirits needing sight.
But Jesus makes the blind to see,
O be our light.
Our ears are deaf through sin,
His voice we cannot hear.
But Jesus softens hardened hearts,
O be our Fear.

v. 3
We have no strength but You,
our risen Lord and Christ.
By might and pow’r You raise the dead,
O give us life.
Our souls are poor through sin,
there’s nothing we can give,
apart from You just sin and death,
O make us live.

v. 4
Our wretched nakedness
to You we would confess.
Our sin and shame is very great,
O be our dress.
Physician of our souls,
You meet our ev’ry need.
We find in You our all in all,
our remedy.

v. 5
You call us to Yourself
to eat and drink with You,
to fellowship with You above
in life anew.
O let us not forget,
that strength is not in us,
but all we need is found in You,
in You we trust.

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