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Hymn Lyrics for Luke 1:5-25

John the Baptist has an important place in the plan of salvation. Malachi had prophesied that a man would come to prepare the way for the Lord’s coming. The Lord himself would come and visit his temple, but first a herald would come to announce his coming and get the people ready. Verse one focuses on the One to whom John would be the forerunner and herald.

Verse 2 of the hymn focuses on the promise and power of God. God would answer the prayers of Zechariah and show his great power in giving a son to a couple past the age of child bearing. Out of Elizabeth’s barren womb new life would spring, a life animated by the Spirit of God, for John was filled with the Spirit even in the womb.

Strangely, when the Lord told Zechariah his prayers had been answered, he did not believe the prayers he himself had prayed! Zechariah’s unbelief was blameworthy. He did not believe the power of God to intervene in the very world He created and do the supernatural. Zechariah did not believe the good news. Verse 3 encourages us not to make the mistake Zechariah and so many people make, failing to believe because we do not understand God’s power but look only at human impotency.

The fourth verse encourages us, in contrast to Zechariah, to believe the good news told to us. The same God who created the world out of nothing can redeem the world by sending his Son into it, just as he told us he would in the Old Testament Scriptures. The same God who formed John in a barren womb, can form the Son of God in our barren hearts through the Spirit and the gift of faith, and we pray for this in the final verse.

Praise the Lord Who Came to Save

To the tune: ST. GEORGE. Based on Luke 1:5-25. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Praise the Lord who came to save,
John was sent His way to pave.
John would come prepare the way,
herald of the awesome day.
God unto His temple came,
glory, power were displayed.
Died for sins and then was raised,
Jesus worthy to be praised.

v. 2
Zechariah came to serve,
in the temple incense burned.
Then an angel from the Lord,
told him that his prayers were heard.
’Lizabeth with barren womb,
life from nothing now would bloom.
By His might she would conceive,
from the Lord a son receive.

v. 3
Zechariah full of doubt,
knew his body was worn out.
We are old, how can this be?
News from God did not believe.
Do not doubt what God can do,
by His power life renews.
What He says will come to be,
blessed are those who will believe.

v. 4
Praise the Lord for His good plan,
God the Son became a man.
God’s beloved sent to save,
died our death and then was raised.
Do not ask, how can this be,
own the bless-ed Mystery.
Scripture promises fulfilled,
God has done all that He willed.

v. 5
Father, in our barren hearts,
life and power please impart.
Form Your Son within our souls,
by Your Spirit make us whole.
We, Your gospel would receive,
joyful news we would believe.
Unbelief we do confess,
give us faith that makes us blest.

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