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Hymn Lyrics for Luke 1:39-55---Humility and Pride as God Defines It!

What an amazing passage Luke 1:39-56 is! We see examples of marvelous humility in Elizabeth, John, and Mary. But finally we see humility in a fourth person, Jesus Christ, the second person of the trinity that exceeds our comprehension. This hymn sings of that humility we see in Christ’s incarnation, and even further, in his crucifixion! The hymn, like Mary’s Magnificat is meant to comfort the humble and chasten the proud, therefore, in its twin purposes, the hymn is for us, who need both chastening and comfort! Most of all the hymn is meant to exalt the Lord and give him the glory he so richly deserves.

Verse 1 points to the Scriptural principle that God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud, but then points to Jesus as the humble One par excellence. He is the Lord equal with the Father in glory, power, and majesty, and yet he humbled himself by coming to share our “humble estate” (Luke 1:48).

Verse 2 and the first half of verse 3, continue our contemplation of our Lord’s condescension in his incarnation, rejection, and suffering on the cross. The second half of verse 3 and the first part of verse 4 consider the low position the proud are now in by their refusal to recognize the new reality Christ’s resurrection and ascension has brought about. The proud, who refuse to give the Son his rightful due, are not to be envied, but pitied. They are already in an abased and precarious position which will become final at death. O how they need the gospel and our prayers!

The hymn closes with the comfort God gives the humble. The humble are hungry, for they know their need of Jesus Christ, the bread of life. The humble are also poor and needy, but they find their need perfectly met in Jesus Christ, and therefore, they are joyful and glad, and seek the glory and beauty of their Lord in heaven.

We Magnify the Lord

To the tune: WAS FRAG ICH NACH DER WELT---DARMSTADT (click on Now Are the Days Fulfilled, 99). Based on Luke 1:39-56. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
We magnify the Lord,
rejoicing in our Savior.
The humble God exalts,
and grants to them His favor.
Behold what God has done,
in Jesus Christ His Son,
who humbly took our flesh,
and our salvation won.

v. 2
We praise the Son of God,
who left His throne in heaven,
and humbly came to us,
within a lowly virgin.
Rejected by His own,
He suffered further loss,
He humbly chose the path,
that took Him to the cross.

v. 3
Upon the cruel cross
to suffering subjected.
But God exalted Him,
the third day resurrected.
And now the proud brought low,
and Jesus raised on high,
and grace is given to,
all who on Christ rely.

v. 4
The proud will God abase,
who give no recognition
to Jesus raised as Lord,
won’t own His high position.
The hungry God will fill,
the poor will He make glad,
who seek their glor-ious Lord,
the King at God’s right hand.

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