Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for Luke 1:26-38

Verses 1 and 2 relate the visit Gabriel made to Mary. Unlike the unbiblical notion that Mary is somehow a source of grace, the passage teaches that Mary was a recipient of God’s grace. Mary was the most privileged of all women in being the mother of Jesus, but this privilege was not conferred on her because of her holiness, for like all of us she needed God’s unmerited grace. Verses 1 and 2 summarize the greatness of Mary’s Son.

Verse 3 praises the mighty power that overshadowed Mary via the Holy Spirit. Jesus was, and is, fully human, and thus, he was the son of Mary. But in order to be fully God, Jesus could not have an earthly Father, and so he was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. One Person but two natures, fully divine and fully human---truly this is a Mystery!

Verse 4 tells us how Mary was unlike us, while verse 5 tells us how we can be like Mary. Mary is unlike us in her unique privilege of bearing the Son of God. She was the woman chosen by God to bear His long-promised Redeemer, who would free us from the curse. But we can be like Mary in receiving the same favor, grace, and forgiveness Mary received through a humble faith. We can imitate the faith of Mary that believed God’s Word and promise.

Unto a Virgin Lowly

To the tune: ES IST EIN ROS (click on A Great and Mighty Wonder 76). Based on Luke 1:26-38. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Unto a virgin lowly,
an angel Gab-riel came.
O Mary you are favored,
recipient of grace.
For soon you will conceive
a son you will call Jesus,
the everlasting King.

v. 2
Your Son will have a greatness
beyond compare, degree.
The Son of God most holy,
and David’s progeny.
His kingdom will not end.
His reign will last forever,
to Him all knees will bend.

v. 3
We praise the mighty power
that caused the virgin birth.
The Son of God through Mary
was sent unto the earth.
The virgin did conceive
the Son of God and David,
the bless-ed Mystery.

v. 4
How privileged was Mary,
the Son of God to birth.
For whom the world was waiting,
redemption from the curse.
In Jesus Christ believe,
who came to free from slav’ry,
from bondage give relief.

v. 5
But we can be like Mary,
receiving precious grace.
God’s favor and forgiveness
available by faith.
Like Mary just believe.
God’s Word and gospel promise
His servants will receive.

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