Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 13:1-17

The Hour Had Come for Christ’s Return

To the tune: MENDON. Based on John 13:1-17. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
The hour had come for Christ’s return,
to join the Father up above.
The time had come to show His own,
the full extent of His great love.

v. 2
The Father gave all things to Christ,
all things were put into His hands.
So He arose and with His hands,
took up the tow’l to wash each man.

v. 3
The Lord had from His glory came,
His glory in our flesh was veiled.
But in that flesh He came to serve,
and take our sins and shame away.

v. 4
The Lord began to wash their feet,
but Peter said No, my Lord, not me.
If I don’t wash you, you won’t share,
You will not have a part in me.

v. 5
Then, Lord, not just my feet do wash,
but wash my hands and head as well.
You are all clean except for one,
the one betraying who has fell.

v. 6
Do you know what I’ve done for you?
Your Lord and Master washed your feet.
As an example do likewise,
you will be blessed in following me.

v. 7
O love of God beyond degree,
when Jesus came and died for me.
He shed His blood upon the tree,
and washed our sins and made us clean.

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