Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 12:44-50

In this hymn I try to follow the text closely. The section is the last in the Book of Signs, which is the first half of John's Gospel. Jesus words in John 12:44-50 close our his public teaching. From this point on we move into the Book of Glory consisting of his private teaching to his disciples during his final night on earth. It is interesting to consider that the last half of the book is devoted to such a short space of time compared to the possibly three years of time in the first half of the book! How important is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for sinners such as us!

We See the Father of Our Lord

To the tune: WINCHESTER OLD. Based on John 12:44-50. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
We see the Father of our Lord,
when we see Jesus Christ.
The Father sent Him to the world
to open up our eyes.

v. 2
The man who trusts in Jesus Christ
receives the Father too.
We walk in fellowship with God,
in triune life renewed.

v. 3
The Father sent His Son to us,
who is the light of men.
The Spirit sent to dwell with us,
and lift us up to heav’n.

v. 4
Without the light of Jesus Christ,
we stumble through this life.
Its meaning we cannot perceive,
without our Lord and Christ.

v. 5
O hear the word of God the Son,
He spoke the Father’s words.
He said the words the Father gave
that from Him He had heard.

v. 6
In Christ we have eternal life,
if truly we believe.
For Jesus came to save, not judge,
so come to Him and live.

v. 7
For those rejecting Jesus Christ,
there is a judgment day.
But for His children who believe,
to life they will be raised.

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