Friday, June 3, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 12:37-43

In this hymn, the main theme is the glory of Jesus Christ. Isaiah saw that glory when he saw the Lord exalted on his throne in Isaiah 6. He also saw it when he wrote of the suffering servant (Isaiah 53), who bore our sin which brought justification to those who believed. Justification means that God counts us forgiven and righteous in his sight on account of the work of Christ.

At first sight, it seems like a good thing that some of the Jewish leaders believed, and indeed, some of the Jews did believe in Christ. The twelve were all Jews! But the faith described in verses 42 and 43 is a false faith that loved the praise and glory of men more than the praise and glory of God. This hymn and passage challenges us not to have this kind of false faith, but a faith that works itself out in fear and trembling---in a walk with him that seeks to glorify the Lord in every area of our lives.

At the heart of our devotion and walk is a love for Christ---a heart that is ravished by his beauty and glory. We see his glory in his divine nature, but also in his servanthood that took him to the cross, where he earned our forgiveness and justification. The last two lines should only be sung if we mean it, or if this is our prayer. The quote is from Psalm 27: "O Lord, you say, come "seek my face,"/by faith I will, O give me grace." This grace is found in Jesus our ascended Lord, to whom we are joined and already live with in heavenly heights by faith! Surely his resurrected life he will give us through his death on our behalf!

Though He Performed Sure Signs Among Them

To the tune: O DASS ICH TAUSEND ZUNGEN HATTE (DRETZEL) (Scroll down and click on Oh, that I Had a Thousand Voices, 243). Based on John 12:37-43. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Though He performed sure signs among them,
His very own would not believe.
So they fulfilled the word about them,
their eyes were blind and could not see.
They missed the glory manifest
in Jesus signs and servant’s death.

v. 2
Isaiah saw surpassing glory
in Jesus Christ the Servant King.
He saw enthroned the Lord in glory,
His holiness the angels sing.
He saw the Servant bearing sin,
so we are counted right in Him.

v. 3
Will you believe in Christ confessing,
before a world in unbelief?
Whose praise is truly worth possessing,
whose glory will you choose to seek?
The pleasures of this age will pass,
the glory of our Lord will last.

v. 4
O love the Lord all you who choose Him,
His beauty make your heart’s delight.
He is Your Lord and God, pursue Him,
by faith we live in heaven’s heights.
O Lord, you say, come “seek My face,”
by faith I will, O give me grace.

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