Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Sin of Greed

 I found this in my reading and thought it was interesting. The following list contains the collective nouns for different kinds of animals, except for the last. Many of these collective nouns are descriptive of the nature of each animal. The list makes an interesting point about human nature.

A Murder of Crows

a murder of crows
a parliament of owls

a weight of albatrosses
an army of ants

a bellowing of bullfinches
a business of ferrets

a charm of finches
a flamboyance of flamingoes

a skulk of foxes
a gaggle of geese

a tower of giraffes
a bloat of hippopotamuses

a mischief of mice
a buffonery of orangutans

an ostentation of peacocks
a squabble of seaugulls

an amubush of tigers
a wake of vultures

a sneak of weasels
a deceit of lapwings

a pride of lions
a greed of humans

--Brian Rosner from "Still Deadly: Ancient Cures for the 7 Sins"

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