Saturday, May 21, 2011

Margaret Wilson and Harold Camping: A Young Martyr and an Old False Teacher

"Margaret Wilson was a young lady living in Scotland during the period known as the 'Killing Times'. From 1680 untill 1688, King Charles II and, after him King James VII sent soldiers through the south of Scotland to round up members of 'unauthorized' churches (informally called the Covenanters).

Margaret was 18 years old when she was arrested. She was tied to a stake in the waters of the Solway Firth at low tide and left to drown as the tide came in. The hope of her captors was that she would recant as the waters rose. But instead of recanting, she began to sing Psalm 25, starting with verse 7:

Let not the errors of my youth
nor sins, remember'd be:
In Mercy, for thy goodness' sake,
O Lord, remember me...
Margaret prepared herself to meet God by singing a Psalm of repentance."  --from Singing the Songs of Jesus: Revisiting the Psalms by Michael Lefebvre

A lot of people are making fun of the fact that a false teacher named, Harold Camping, has predicted Jesus' return today. It won't happen today, because Jesus plainly told us that no one knows the hour of his return, and Harold Camping is not the exception to that rule. But all of us will have to face Christ as our Judge either when we die or he returns. We can learn much from the martyr, Margaret Wilson, about how to be ready to face him on that day.

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