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Lyrics for John 11:45-54

In this short hymn based on John 11:45-54, praise is given to Jesus for his death through which he gathers his people to himself in heaven. His substitutionary death is the basis of Christian unity --- a unity which is a fact because faith in Christ and his cross joins us to Christ and to one another. The biblical passage points to the reconciling death of Jesus through the unwitting prophecy of Caiaphas, who spoke much better than he knew. The passage also emphasizes the unity of the church built on the basis of the substitutionary death of Jesus, through the interjection of the narrator (John) in verses 51 and 52.

In these hymns based on the Gospel of John I try to bring out the catechetical truths every Christian needs to know. The two main catechetical truths in this hymn are the substitutionary death of Jesus and the unity or oneness of the church, which is built upon Christ's reconciling death. Despite appearances there is only one church, and that church has been gathered to Jesus in heaven through faith in the message of the cross.

In these hymns I also try to tie the hymn to the biblical text in terms of history, because the gospel is about history, i.e., the history/news of Christ's death, burial and resurrection. Verse 3 in the hymn recognizes the historical fact that the Jewish leadership sought the death of Jesus, but also the fact that in committing this wicked deed the leadership only did God's sovereign will.

Glory Be to Jesus

To the tune: WEM IN LEIDENSTAGEN click on Glory Be to Jesus, 158. Based on John 11:45-54. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Glory be to Jesus,
dying for His own.
Gath’ring all His children
to his heav’nly throne.

v. 2
Gathered from all nations
to the Father’s Son.
Saved through His redeeming,
gathered into one.

v. 3
Wicked men were plotting:
Heir and Son to kill.
But in all their evil,
Sov’reign plans fulfilled.

v. 4
Drawing all the nations
by His saving death.
Crying, “It is finished,”
with His final breaths.

v. 5
For Your cross we praise You,
Jesus Christ our King.
For our union with You,
we Your children sing.

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