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Hymn Lyrics: John 8:12-59

This particular hymn is based on John 8:12-59, which is summarized in John's prologue (John 1:1-18), by verses 9-14 especially. John 8:12-59 is a trial scene that alludes to many of the trial scenes in Isaiah. The issue in the trial scenes in Isaiah is this: Who is the true God, Yahweh or the gods of the nations. Isaiah 43:8-13 is a good example. But the issue in this trial scene in John's Gospel is Jesus' paternity. This hymn works around the central acclamation of praise that Jesus Christ is God's beloved Son, who is worthy of our praise.

One feature of the trial scenes in both Isaiah and John is that Jahweh and Jesus are initially accused and prosecuted, but as the scene proceeds there is a reversal, and the prosecuted becomes the prosecutor and the one judged becomes the judge. In John 8 the court scene's accusations fly back and forth, but as the passage progresses one senses that ultimately it is Jesus who judges his accusers. The hymn lyrics below recognize the reversal that has taken place in salvation history as Jesus who was judged and put to death as a criminal is now resurrected and exalted to the Father's right hand as King and Judge of all people. Therefore, it is urgent that we acclaim him as our own by receiving Him by true faith. This is the true way to praise and glorify Him. --Bill

All Praise to Christ Beloved

To the tune: VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN ( Based on John 8:12-59 and John 1:9-14. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
All praise to Christ beloved,
the Father’s joy, delight.
True image of the Father,
displays His glory bright.
Before the world’s creation,
He with the Father dwelt.
The agent of creation,
to whom all heaven knelt.

v. 2
In grace and truth and mercy,
the Son came to His own.
But they would not receive Him,
their King did they disown.
Though He revealed God’s mercy
and grace to sinful men.
They would not come unto Him,
their sinful ways amend.

v. 3
They did not know the Father,
nor did they know the Son.
Accusing, prosecuting,
God’s chosen, Holy One.
But those who will receive Him,
believe in Jesus’ name,
become the Father’s children,
will not be put to shame.

v. 4
All praise to Christ our Savior,
the resurrected Son.
Exalted by the Father,
salvation’s work is done.
He is the King in glory,
the Judge of ev’ryone,
so bow the knee before Him,
the one and only Son.

v. 5
All praise the Son beloved,
who dwells in glor-ious light.
Who with the Father equal,
now hidden from our sight.
But faith perceives His glory
that shines in written Word.
The law and gospel showing,
the gracious, glor-ious Lord.

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