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Hymn Lyrics for John 9

These words are based on John 9, where Jesus, the light of the world, illuminates a man in two ways: physically and spiritually. As the chapter unfolds we see the blind man healed physically, but also spiritually. The same power that Jesus exercised to heal the man's blindness is working in him to heal his spiritual blindness, so that the former blind man comes to see that Jesus is more than a man, more than a prophet, but the Lord incarnate who created us for his worship. The hymn progresses as the chapter does, ending with the worship of God's Son.

The importance of confessing our sin, and our natural blindness because of sin, is also emphasized in the hymn, for in the chapter, those who claim to see and refuse to acknowledge their sin (the Pharisees), remain in their sin and spiritual darkness. Instead of glorifying God, they miss the glory that Jesus reveals in the miraculous sign he gives them, and they continue in their unbelief and darkness, displeasing to God. Ultimately God is glorified by faith in his Son, and those with a true faith have that faith only because of God's mighty creative work in our barren and sin-blinded hearts.

As always, click on the link of the tune name in order to sing the song. Join the blind man in worshipping Jesus. --Bill

To a World in Sin’s Dark Night

To the tune: ST. GEORGE (Elvey). Based on John 9. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
To a world in sin’s dark night,
came the uncreated Light.
Sinful men by sin made blind,
Jesus came to seek and find.
Guilty men---of God afraid,
live in darkness sin has made.
Jesus came the world’s true Light,
to restore the sinner’s sight.

v. 2
Born in darkness without sight,
knowing not the one true Light.
Blind to Christ’s identity,
Light of Light true God is He.
But our nature He did share,
perfect Man so bright and fair.
Fully God and fully man,
carried out the Father’s plan.

v. 3
Came unto a man born blind,
Jesus’ power in Him shined.
Washed and then the man could see,
sign of Jesus’ deity.
Jesus’ glory brightly shined,
manifested through the sign,
but more glory was displayed,
when the blind man came to faith.

v. 4
Will you glorify the Lord,
trusting in His holy Word?
Humbly sin will you confess?
His commands we have transgressed.
Darkened nature without sight,
will you come unto the Light?
Mighty pow’r in you displayed,
when you come to Christ by faith.

v. 5
Worship Jesus Christ your Lord,
He who all of heav’n adores.
You were blind but now you see,
praise the holy Mystery.
God enfleshed our Jesus Christ,
on the third day He did rise.
Spirit lifts to Christ above,
cling to Him in heartfelt love.

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