Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 8:31-59

This hymn tries to echo a few themes from John 8:31-59:
  1. Jesus Christ as God's witness in this trial scene. The language in John 8 is forensic language, the language of courts and law. In this trial, Jesus is the true and faithful witness of God that tells the truth he heard from God.
  2. Jewish rejection of Jesus because of pride and an unwillingness to acknowledge their sin and unrighteousness before God. Although they were looking for the Christ, when he came they missed him because of their unwillingness to acknowledge their sin and guilt before a holy God. Paul speaks of how the Jewish people as a whole rejected Christ because they tried to establish their own righteousness rather than receiving the righteousness that comes to those who believe in God's Son (Romans 10).
  3. Jesus' deity, Sonship, and his fulfillment of Old Testament types and prophecies.

Jesus Christ the Truth Incarnate

To the tune: STUTTGART. Based on John 8:31-59. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Jesus Christ the truth incarnate,
to the world He testified
that He was sent by the Father,
Son eternal and the Christ.

v. 2
Jews were waiting for Messiah,
hoping for the Christ to come.
But Christ came to save the humble,
who were by their sin undone.

v. 3
Don’t be proud before the Savior,
humble hearts are His delight.
Do not hide transgressions from Him,
come to Him for grace and life.

v. 4
Jesus true and faithful witness
to the truth He heard above.
All belonging to the Father
will receive His Son in love.

v. 5
Abram saw the Lord in glory,
saw by faith the Holy One.
Saw the day of Christ with gladness,
Lamb provided, God’s dear Son.

v. 6
Jesus Christ the Lord incarnate,
praise Him as the great I AM.
Praise Him as your God and Savior,
on the throne the Lord and Lamb.

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