Monday, May 30, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 12:9-19

This hymn is based on John's account of the triumphal entry. The crowd that day spoke better than they knew when they cried, "Hosanna!" Hosanna is an ascription of praise, which means O Save Now! or simply, Save! or Help!. The whole human race because of its sin needs to be saved, and only Jesus Christ, the Lord incarnate, has the power to save us. Since human beings had sinned against God, we needed a mediator who was truly human. But since the weight of sin and God's righteous wrath against it was too great for the human nature of Jesus to bear, our mediator also needed to be true God. In Jesus Christ, the God-man, we have the mediator we need, who could truly pay the debt of our sins at the cross, and open the way to heaven, so that we might live in fellowship with the Father through the Son and by the Spirit once more.

The hymn acknowledges our great need because of our sin, confessing our guilt in transgressing God's holy laws. It also tries to point us to the fellowship, rest, and cleansed conscience we can enjoy because Jesus died and rose on our behalf. We are not saved by anything we do, but by what our Mediator has done. Only Jesus Christ can, and has, open heaven and give us rest with our blessed and glorious God. Thank God we have a merciful high priest who has opened the way to the heavenly temple above so that we might have fellowship with the Father through his perfect sacrifice.

Hosanna, Lord, Your Name We Bless

To the tune: GELOBT SEI GOTT (click on Ye Sons and Daughters of the King, 208). Based on John 12:9-19. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1

Hosanna! cried the crowd that day,
they wanted one to come and save,
for David’s Son a road they made.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

v. 2
We thank You, Lord, Your name we bless,
for You have saved from great distress,
Your holy laws we have transgressed.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

v. 3
We thank You, Lord, You give us rest,
from a bad conscience sore oppressed,
our sin and shame would we confess.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

v. 4
We thank You, Lord, our sin You bore,
Your blood to cleanse for us was poured,
estranged from God, You have restored.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

v. 5
We thank You, Lord, for You have saved,
You died our death and then was raised,
the way to heaven You have paved.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

v. 6
We thank You, Lord, our mighty King,
You gave Your life an offering,
for Your salvation we would sing.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

v. 7
We thank You, Lord, our strong refuge,
the broken heart You won’t refuse,
You died and rose for our rescue.
Al-le-lu-ia! 3x

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