Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 11

The phrase "come and see" is found quite often in John's Gospel. Usually it is an evangelistic invitation to come to Jesus Christ and learn of him in whom is life. But in John 11 Jesus is invited to "come and see" the tomb of Lazarus---to see what sin and death has done to the human race. Jesus' response is a combination of anger and sadness. Most English translations have a difficult time capturing the anger Jesus demonstrates in this passage as he confronts the last enemy, which is death. Soon after raising Lazarus, he will head to the cross as the mighty warrior to confront and defeat this awful enemy of death. John 11 shows us something of the Lord as our mighty warrior, preparing for final battle (Exodus 15:3-8).

Faith is the instrument that sees the glory of Christ in all of this. Jesus tells Martha that if she believes she will see God's glory. The delay of Jesus in coming to the sisters was for the furthering of their faith. This is a good lesson for us when we face trials or loss in our own lives. The Lord has a purpose that involves his glory and our soul's good.

Praise to Christ the Resurrection

To the tune: NEANDER. Based on John 11. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Praise to Christ the resurrection.
praise to Him in whom is life.
Praise to Christ who won salvation,
conquered death through holy strife.
Through His death He gives us life,
through His rising justifies.

v. 2
Mary, Martha, sent for Jesus,
“Lord, the one You love is sick.”
Jesus loved their fam’ly dearly,
so delayed to make His trip.
Glory of the Son be praised,
Lazarus would soon be raised.

v. 3
Jesus asked, “Where have you laid him?”
They replied, “Lord, come and see.”
Jesus deeply moved in spirit,
wept at mankind’s misery.
Mighty to the tomb he came,
vict’ry given Laz’rus raised.

v. 4
Jesus came as mighty warrior
to defeat our enemies.
Sin and death through Him were conquered,
won for us the victory.
On the cross He took our place,
raised to life to give us grace.

v. 5
Faith perceives the Father’s glory,
and the glory of the Son.
Faith in God’s redemption story
joins to Christ the risen One.
Jesus is God’s Son and Christ,
come and drink the Fount of Life.

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