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Hymn Lyrics for John 10:22-39

This hymn is based on John 10:22-39. Verses 1 and 4 envelop the hymn in praise, giving praise to our triune God for the salvation he accomplished. Verses 2-4 deal more specifically with the content of John 10:22-39. They deal with the lawsuit or trial motif that is seen again and again in John's Gospel.

Mark Stibbe has written a wonderful book on the literary features of John's Gospel. Anyone who wants to learn the depths of John's Gospel, should purchase and read his book, which can be bought here. In the hymn I try to include the six common elements found in many lawsuit passages in John's Gospel, which are listed below in the quote from Stibbe's book:

"The form of this passage (10:22-39) is again predominantly forensic discourse. Trial features are suggested by the use of interrogation, by the use of martureo (to testify) in v. 25, by the legal evidence of the miracles and by the introduction of the blasphemy charge in 10:33 and 36---a charge which will feature in the passion narrative (19:7). The presence of legal overtones links this discourse particlarly with 5:19-47, 7:14-44 and 8:12-59---the three trial scenes prior to 10:22-39.

Urban Von Wahlde has also suggested that there are formal and theological similarities between 10:22-39, 6:31-59 and 8:13-59. All three discourses have the same form and content:
    1. The Jews demand proof of Jesus' identity: 6:30; 8:25; 10:24.
    2. Jesus tells them that they have already seen/heard but do not believe: 6:36; 8:47; 10:25.
    3. Jesus gives the reason for their unbelief: 6:37; 8:47; 10:26.
    4. Jesus speaks of those who do believe: 6:37; 8:47a; 10:27.
    5. Jesus says that he does not lose any of those who are his: 6:39; 8:51; 10:28b.
    6. Jesus say that those who do believe will have eternal life: 6:40; 8:35; 10:28a.
    The important observation to make here is the fact that 10:22-39 has all six of these recurring elements in close succession. . . ."

Praise the Father, Son and Spirit

To the tune: O DU LIEBE MEINER LIEBE ( or and scroll down to Jesus, Refuge of the Weary, 145). Based on John 10:22-39. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Praise the Father, Son and Spirit,
bless-ed, holy Three in One.
God the Father planned salvation,
sent in love His only Son.
Jesus came and condescended,
took our nature, died our death.
Rose victorious, then ascended,
gives the Spirit by His breath.

v. 2
Jews demanded in the temple,
“Tell us if you are the Christ!”
Evidence much more than ample
showed that Jesus was the Christ.
Miracles performed by Jesus,
proof of His identity.
Scripture also pointed to Him,
He was who He claimed to be.

v. 3
Why do men resist the Savior,
Jesus Christ the Father’s Son?
Only sheep will hear their Shepherd,
all the Father gives will come.
They will come to Christ the Shepherd,
for they listen to His voice.
Trusting in the gospel offered,
in their Shepherd they rejoice.

v. 4
Praise the Son and praise the Father,
praise the holy Trinity.
Praise the God who saves poor sinners
from a doomed eternity.
Jesus is One with the Father,
praise Him for His deity.
Praise Him for the death He suffered,
dying for humanity.

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