Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hymn Lyrics for John 5:30-47

The Sun Is Brilliant in Its Light

To the tune: ST. ANNE (O God, Our Help in Ages Past Based on John 5:30-47. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
The sun is brilliant in its light,
illuminates the sky.
But God the Son more glor-i-ous,
in grace and truth He shines.

v. 2
The world complains against the Lord,
accuses Him of crimes,
rejects the Son He sent to us,
who came to give us life.

v. 3
The case is strong for Jesus Christ,
the witnesses are sure.
The Baptist pointed unto Him,
his light was pure and clear.

v. 4
But greater still the witness of
the signs that Jesus did.
They showed the glory of the Son,
that in His flesh was hid.

v. 5
The Scriptures also testified
about the coming Christ.
His suff’ring and His glory too,
the Scriptures prophesied.

v. 6
The greatest witness in the trial
between the world and Christ,
it is the Father who is true,
the One who cannot lie.

v. 7
Who will you side with in this trial
between the world and Christ?
The Father’s verdict has been giv’n,
when Jesus Christ did rise.

v. 8
Whose glory will you seek in life,
whose praise and love pursue?
The truth is found in Jesus Christ,
who came for our rescue.

v. 9
All sinners wither like the grass
that flourish for a time.
But Jesus’ glory will not pass,
forever will it shine!

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