Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hymn Lyrics Based on John 5:1-29

God the Son Came Down from Heaven

To the tune: ODE TO JOY (Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Based on John 5:1-29. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
God the Son came down from heaven
to fulfill the Sabbath sign.
Reconciling and restoring
through atoning sacrifice.
Did the work the Father gave Him,
“It is finished,” was His cry.
In the tomb on Sabbath rested,
on a new day did He rise.

v. 2
Jesus healed upon the Sabbath,
Jewish leaders were incensed.
They accused Him of law breaking,
blind to what His healing meant.
God the Son had come from heaven
to restore a sin-sick race.
Came to do what no one other
could accomplish in our place.

v. 3
Jesus said, My Father’s working,
so I too must be at work.
Doing what My Father shows me,
glorify Him on the earth.
Then the Jews tried hard to kill Him,
charging Him with blasphemy.
Honored not the Son from heaven,
made themselves God’s enemies.

v. 4
Jesus sent from God the Father,
give Him honor that He’s due.
Those refusing to receive Him,
honor not the Father too.
For the Son is the life-giver,
raising men up from the dead.
Like the Father, life is in Him,
came from heaven, living bread.

v. 5
Judgment’s given unto Jesus,
we will face Him on that day.
Verdict handed down forever,
glory shining, holy blaze.
On that day one place of safety,
hid in Christ through precious faith.
For our Judge in mercy saves us,
bearing judgment in our place.

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