Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hymn Based on John 6:1-15

Jesus Fed a Crowd of Thousands

To the tune: REGENT SQUARE (Angels from the Realms of Glory Based on John 6:1-15. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Jesus fed a crowd of thousands
with five loaves and two small fish.
Food enough for all the hungry,
each one ate all that he wished.
Will you see the sign’s revealing,
or its meaning will you miss?

v. 2
Jesus in a heav’nly setting,
gives the life that satisfies.
Earthly things will keep us hungry,
heav’nly bread true life supplies.
Jesus Christ the bread of heaven,
eat by faith, receive His life.

v. 3
For our life He came from heaven
to a hungry, starving world.
Idols cannot feed the hungry,
souls will die without the Word.
Christ incarnate Word from heaven,
life He gives unto the world.

v. 4
Do not work for food that’s spoiling,
do not let it rule your heart.
Seek the Bread who comes from heaven,
He must rule, set Him apart.
Idols leave your soul still wanting,
Jesus satisfies the heart.

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