Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Resurrection Hymn

Christ Is Risen from the Grave

To the Tune: SALZBURG (Songs of Thankfulness and Praise or Based on Lord’s Day 17 of the Heidelberg Catechism (related Westminster Shorter Catechism Q&A 28, 32). Words: William Weber, 2010.

v. 1
Christ is risen from the grave,
ushers in a brand new age.
Death is overcome by Christ,
gives His own eternal life.
Trust the Son the Father sent,
taste, enjoy His benefits.
Christ is risen from the grave,
live by faith in His new age.

v. 2
Rulers of this present age,
did not know the One who came.
Put to death the Holy One,
Jesus, God’s beloved Son.
But their sin fulfilled God’s plan,
to restore our sinful clan.
Christ is risen from the grave,
Give to God unending praise.

v. 3
Flee the wisdom of this age,
Jesus from the tomb is raised.
You are seated now with Christ
and receive eternal life.
Verdict of the final day,
let it all your fears allay.
Righteousness is yours in Christ,
blessed in Him who justifies.

v. 4
This world is opposed to Christ,
does not know eternal life.
Fear not, bless and do not curse,
seek God’s kingdom, make it first.
For your Father will provide,
ev’ry need will He supply.
Christ is raised up from the grave,
Give our Father loving praise.

v. 5
Jesus is eternal life,
raised to show He is the Christ.
By His pow’r we too are raised,
Christ the way for all our days.
Not for self do we now live,
but to God all glory give.
Christ is risen from the grave,
live for Him in all your ways.

v. 6
Christ is risen from the grave,
give to Him undying praise.
One day He will come again,
raise our bodies up with Him.
Sharing in His glory great,
we will look upon His face.
Christ is risen from the grave,
brings to us the coming age.

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