Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hymn Lyrics Based on John 3:22-36

John the Baptist Came to Witness

To the tune: ELLESDIE ( Based on John 3:22-36. Words: Bill Weber, 2011.

v. 1
John the Baptist came to witness
to the Lord, the coming One,
to the One who gives the Spirit,
to the Father’s only Son.
He is Lord in flesh appearing,
Groom and Husband of His bride.
All by faith are joined unto Him,
formed and taken from His side.

v. 2
Blood and water flow from Jesus,
cleansing us from all our sin.
Water symbol of the Spirit,
joining us above with Him.
Vindicated by the Father,
raised to everlasting life,
we receive the righteous verdict,
for by faith we’re justified.

v. 3
John the Baptist points to Jesus,
He must increase, I be less,
for He comes to earth from heaven,
Jesus, faithful, true wit-ness.
All receiving Jesus’ witness
testify that God is true,
hear the words of God incarnate,
freed from wrath that was their due.

v. 4
Loved, forgiven, blessed in Jesus
we’ve received eternal life.
Now we know the heav’nly Father
and the Son sent from His side.
Lift us, Spirit, up to heaven,
’round the throne of Jesus Christ,
we would worship, see His glory,
through the gospel word it shines.

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