Monday, March 28, 2011

A Hymn Based on John 4:27-42

The Son came Down from Glory

To the tune: ES IST EIN ROS (Isorhythmic) (Lutheran Service Book #383 A Great and Mighty Wonder Based on John 4:27-42. Words: William Weber, 2011.

v. 1
The Son came down from glory
to earth the place of shame.
Rebellion was our story,
dishonoring God’s name.
Our nature did He take,
and in His body offered,
His life for sinner’s sake.

v. 2
The Father’s name to hallow
on earth was Jesus’ goal.
Restoring rightful honor,
that sinful man had stole.
His food to do God’s will,
His Father’s work to finish,
His holy blood to spill.

v. 3
His church does holy labor,
proclaiming Jesus Christ.
Announcing gracious favor,
atoning sacrifice.
The final harvest here:
so trust the word of Jesus,
believe in rev’rent fear.

v. 4
To Jesus Christ be honor
and glory, wisdom, pow’r.
For He alone is Savior,
and Judge at the last hour.
The judgment of our sin,
our Judge and Savior bore it,
for it was laid on Him.

v. 5
O Jesus is the Savior,
but you must come to Him.
His saving work won’t help you,
if you’re apart from Him.
In Jesus’ name believe;
eternal life, forgiveness,
the blessings faith receives.

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