Friday, February 18, 2011

Lyrics to John 1:43-51

The Son of God who Came to Earth

To the tune: Stuart Townsend’s song How Deep the Father’s Love For Us ( Based on John 1:43-51. Words: Bill Weber, 2011.

v. 1
The Son of God who came to earth,
He was the King of Israel.
The meeting place for God with man,
the true and lasting temple.
He gathered people to Himself
to form a restored nation,
a people formed by grace through faith,
by his propitiation.

v. 2
A man named Philip came to Christ,
he said, We’ve found the Savior,
the One who Moses talked about,
the One who shares our nature.
The prophets spoke about this King,
who also was a Servant.
He came to bear our sin and shame,
and shepherd us from all want.

v. 3
Nathanael came to see the man,
from Nazareth most lowly.
He came and saw this was the One,
the Son of God most holy.
He knew Nathanael long before
he ever came to see Him,
for He’s the meeting place of God,
through only Christ we meet Him.

v. 4
We praise the holy Son of God,
the Lord, the King of Israel,
the One who heaven joins to earth,
replacing the old temple;
the glorious One whom Jacob knew,
who wrestled for a blessing,
the glorious One Nathanael knew,
under a fig tree meeting.

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