Friday, February 11, 2011

A Hymn of Confession

I don't know if you ever struggle with sin and its power as I do, but I found it a struggle to confess my sins and align my heart with His this morning.  Out of that experience and meditation on the Word, I wrote these words to the familiar hymn, Now Thank We All Our God.  Maybe this song might be of benefit to you as it was to me. --Bill

Have Mercy on me, Lord

To the tune: NUN DANKET ( or Words: Bill Weber, 2011.

v. 1
Have mercy on me, Lord,
I need to be forgiven,
the shining of Your face,
to fall on me from heaven.
My sin is very great,
and wicked in Your sight,
Your judgments ever right,
restore me to Your light.

v. 2
O prone to wander, Lord,
how often do I feel it.
For sin seduces me,
I hide my sin, conceal it.
But then I read Your Word,
my heart within exposed,
forgive me, Lord, I cry,
Your saving grace disclose.

v. 3
O when our Savior died,
a fountain then was opened.
The blood and water flowed,
this gift to us was given:
the gift of cancelled sin,
the gift of Spirit poured.
O with this double cure,
we’re cleansed and we’re restored.

v. 4
O at the cross of Christ,
we see sin’s awful nature.
The world exposed as well,
it crucified the Savior.
So we would flee from sin,
a world opposed to Christ,
and we would come to Him,
who gives eternal life.

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