Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Song about Prayer

Bless’d We Are to Call God Father

To the tune: Come Ye Sinners --- music by Matthew Smith ( Based on Lord’s Day 46 of the Heidelberg Catechism (related Westminster Shorter Catechism Q&A 100). Words: Bill Weber, 2010.

v. 1
Bless’d we are to call God, Father,
we who once were far from God,
living under wrath and judgment,
broken law, condemned we stood.
We have favor, we have blessing,
For our judgment Jesus took.

v. 2
Pray to God who is our Father,
give Him trust and rev’rent fear.
For in Christ He dearly loves us,
prayers in faith will surely hear.
He’s our Father, high in heaven,
He will answer so draw near.

v. 3
Fathers give us earthly blessings,
don’t refuse to give good things.
How much more the heav’nly Father,
Spirit gives to His offspring.
He has given, ev’ry blessing.
Give Him praise and to Him sing.

v. 4
Fear your Father, great in heaven.
Trust Him for He’s tender too.
Fear and trust, the right demeanor,
when His glory is in view.
He is holy, full of mercy.
In His love takes care of you.

Lord's Day 46

Q & A 120

Q. Why did Christ command us
to call God "our Father"?

A. At the very beginning of our prayer
Christ wants to kindle in us
what is basic to our prayer—
the childlike awe and trust
that God through Christ has become
our Father.

Our fathers do not refuse us
the things of this life;
God our Father will even less refuse to give us
what we ask in faith.^1

^1 Matt. 7:9-11; Luke 11:11-13

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