Friday, November 26, 2010

A Hymn about Jesus' Infinite Worth

We live in a society, and even a church, where God could be described as weightless.  I suppose this "weightless God" is the symptom of our sinful, blind hearts, which fail to comprehend the infinite glory of the triune God, who saves through judgment for His glory.  I wrote these words as I considered my own lack of recognition of our Lord's infinite worth.  --Bill

Jesus Our Treasure

To the tune: RESTORATION ( Based on the tenth commandment and Lord’s Day 44 of the Heidelberg Catechism (related Westminster Shorter Catechism Q&A 79-81). Words: Bill Weber, 2010.

v. 1
Jesus our treasure,
help us remember
Your holy passion,
Your gracious mission.
Dying You bought us,
rising you brought us
unto Your Father,
unto Your home.

v. 2
Guard us from idols,
one thing is needful:
feeding on Jesus,
for He is wondrous.
May we not covet,
Your glory, love it.
Jesus our treasure,
Jesus our all.

v. 3
Keep us contented,
Jesus descended,
for our salvation
and liberation.
Greed is an idol,
makes sad and troubled.
Father, make joyful
through Jesus Christ.

v. 4
Made for Your glory,
Jesus the story
of all His people,
who take His counsel.
Jesus our treasure,
no one can measure
glory eternal,
glory divine.

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