Saturday, December 13, 2008

Faithfulness in the Midst of "The Evangelical Temptation"

Peter Jones is a person who sees the big picture. He understands what is happening in evangelical churches and the need for faithfulness and love for Christ in times that make it harder and harder to maintain such faithfulness. Below is the beginning of his latest article at truthXchange. --Bill

Homosexuality: The Evangelical Temptation

In spite of the millions in California who democratically voted against gay marriage, the Governor, leading politicians, and all the major California newspapers are calling to overturn Prop 8. Power, it would seem, lies with ideology not democracy.

For instance, for twenty-four days since November 4, the reputable (?) LA Times, has run at least one and sometimes three pro-gay articles, without one article from the other side. An editorial made the accusation: “this [Prop 8] is a hateful measure, passed after a campaign of misleading scare tactics.” Just kooky Kalifornia, you say? President-Elect Obama has promised to grant full civil right to gays and lesbians as soon as he gets into office and even the Evangelical church is wobbling.

This is the watershed issue of our time, both for our Western culture and for the Evangelical community. If (when) the gay agenda wins, the cultural river will begin to run their way, and faithful, biblical Christians will be left high and dry to lose their jobs and maybe their freedoms.
Some Christians won’t.

Not Neil Clark Warren, a former dean at Fuller Theological Seminary, who founded the on-line dating service,, with a great assist from Focus on the Family. The site is now worth $100 million, but Warren has lost his focus. When sued for discrimination against gays, Warren capitulated. Though not even found guilty of the charge by the courts, they spinelessly settled. After three years “it [became] a burden in terms of the high costs of litigation and the time and resources management devoted to it.” PTL! Harmony is reestablished. Warren will not lose his job and can spend all his millions in this world undisturbed. But time is running out. He will carry a moral burden for a long, long time, for, with cute homosexual pictures and bios, his site now actively endorses perversion, in direct competition with the gay site,! Also, eternity is a long time to count your meaningless millions when even a paving stone up there is made of gold.

This is a great temptation for the Evangelical Church, a love affair with commercialism with no ultimate commitment to the honor of its bridegroom, Christ. Let it never be said of us that financial and social ease was more important than truth.

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