Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One More Thought on Modern Theology

One further thought about modern theology's unwillingness to identify the Bible as the word of God:

There is a very simple reason we cannot accept Protestant Liberalism's denial of miracles, predictive prophecy, and the deity of Christ, just as there is a simple reason we cannot accept Neo-orthodoxy's view of Scripture as a mere record of religious experiences, but not the word of God.

Quite simply, the Bible is full of lies if Protestant Liberalism or Neo-orthodoxy are true. For the Bible presents miracle after miracle as actually happening in human history. The Bible claims to predict certain events before they take place in time. The Bible claims that Jesus is not merely a man, but God incarnate in a particular place and time. The Bible claims over and over again to be the very word of God. If modern theology is correct, then what we have is a book full of lies, and a book full of lies deserves to be ignored and despised. Such a book is certainly not to be trusted, even as a record of religious experiences.

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