Sunday, November 16, 2008

Four Questions All Worldviews Answer

I found this helpful nugget from Christopher Wright's book, The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative. Wright says that "the Old Testament answers the four fundamental worldview questions that all religions and philosophies answer in one way or another:
  • Where are we? (What is the nature of the world around us?)
    Answer: We inhabit the earth, which is part of the good creation of the one living, personal God, YHWH.

  • Who are we? (What is the essential nature of humanity?)
    Answere: We are human persons made by this God in God's own image, one of God's creatures but unique among them in spiritual and moral relationships and responsibility.

  • What's gone wrong? (Why is the world in such a mess?)
    Answer: Through rebellion and disobedience against our Creator God, we have generated the mess that we now see around us at every level of our lives, relationships and environment.

  • What is the solution? (What can we do about it?)
    Answer: Nothing in and of ourselves. But the solution has been initiated by God through his choice and creation of a people, Israel, through whom God intends to bring blessing to all nations of the earth and ultimately to renew the whole creation.

Now the realtity of this story is such that it includes us in its scope, for it points to a universal future that embraces all the nations. It is the story that is taken up without question (though not without surprise) in the New Testament. It is the story that stretches from Genesis to Revelation, not merely as a good yarn or even as a classic of epic literature, but findamentlally as a rendering of reality---an account of the universe we inhabit and of the new creation we are destined for. We live in a storied universe."

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