Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Music Recommendation

I want to recommend the music of a group call the Sons of Korah. These guys put the psalms to beautiful music that is appropriate to the mood and meaning of each psalm. A few days ago I was listening to their song Looking for God from their Resurrection album based on Psalm 69 and I couldn't help but weep over my sin and Christ's atoning love. The psalm is about judgment---judgment that the Son of God took on our behalf.

The refrain of this particular song is "My eyes fail looking for you." One of the judgments on our sin is that the Lord lets us indulge in our sin. We think that his judgment will be an illness or some sort of catastrophe. In some cases that might be true. But isn't the worst judgment on sin that we indulge in more sin, and as we indulge in more sin we drift further away from the One who loves us and is closer to us than we are to ourselves?

Thus, the refrain, "my eyes fail looking for you" applies both to us in our sin and to Christ as our sin was laid upon him at the cross.

Sin is extremely costly. Sin costs us the near sense of the Lord's presence and favor, even as it cost him the agony of the cross as our sins were laid upon him and he became sin for us (2 Cor. 5:21).

Here are the lyrics to Psalm 69 and the Sons of Korah's "Looking for God":

Save me O my God
for the waters have
come up to my neck

I sink in the depths
where there is no foothold.
I have come into deep waters
the floods engulf me now

My throat is parched
and I am worn out
from calling out for help

My eyes fail looking for you
My eyes fail looking for you

LORD you know my sin my
guilt is not hidden from you

May those whose hope
is in you LORD
not be disgraced
because of me

My eyes fail looking for you
My eyes fail looking for you
My eyes fail looking for you
My eyes fail looking for you

I am a stranger to my brothers
to my own family

For zeal for your house consumes me
and the insults to you
fall on me

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